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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Tundra Animal:Moose

If you go and visit Alaska, you will most likely see moose. You can find hundreds of them in Anchorage City. For moose, it's safer to be in cities because they are far from grizzly bears, and they won't get hurt in the cities because moose are very beloved animal in Alaska, since it is the state animal. Besides cities, they love fire burned areas, meadows, and places with rivers. They like eating pond weeds, grasses, willow and birch shrubs. Moose can swim, they also have a good sense of smell but not such good eye sight. The males have large antlers that they use to protect themselves, and females can kick very hard with their hooves.

Many moose die every year because of animals like wolves, and bears also because of cold weather, but the main thing that takes many moose away is people and their cars.

Do any animals in your biome have a better chance of survival in cities?





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